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Comprehensive Self-Care Coaching

Putting your self-care first means doing things that your future self will thank you for later. 
I understand that it might feel selfish partaking in self-care if you're not used to prioritizing your well-being, but the truth is, those closest to you want to see you show up as your best self. And that means utilizing self-care so that you can give from your overflow instead of pouring from an empty cup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does Coaching entail?

A: Coaching entails focusing on a particular topic (i.e. self-care) with specific goals and a set timeframe centered around that topic. 

Q: How is Coaching different from Counseling?

A: Coaching is different from Counseling in that it helps the client on a niche topic (i.e. self-care) and has a set timeframe. Goals do not steer away from the coaching topic. Coaching is not therapy. There will be no clinical evaluation given or offered. Medical records will not be kept (i.e. treatment notes, treatment plan, etc.), only basic files such as general client information and goals being addressed. You are encouraged to find a local therapist if you are out of state and a higher level of care is recommended (i.e. high risk needs and concerns such as suicidal ideation, thoughts of self-harm, self-harm behaviors, substance abuse, etc.) 


Q: Can I see Ashley for both Counseling + Coaching?


A: In order to abstain from dual relationships, previous therapy clients are not eligible for coaching services. Ashley is registered within the state of Florida and cannot provide mental health counseling out of state. However, Ashley provides coaching services for those within the state of Florida and for those out of state.

Q: Who benefits from Self-Care Coaching?

A: Individuals who are looking for ways to combat stress and prevent burnout, feel less overwhelmed at work and in life, and have more confidence and energy while moving towards their goals.

Q: Do I need to be at your physical location?

A: No, we will be meeting virtually! You just need access to an internet connection and the ability to utilize a video camera and microphone on a computer, tablet, or phone. 

Q: Do I need special software to be a part of your coaching program?

A: You do not need any special software. Just access to internet and a strong wi-fi connection to start Taking Action!

Q: What are the benefits of Group Coaching?


A: We can experience immense growth and empowerment in groups by sharing our own and listening to other people's stories. It can be healing knowing we are not alone in our struggle to maintain self-care in a community collectively yearning to understand how to take better care of ourselves. Click here to see more about Action Ashley's online Self-Care Group Coaching Program: Self-Care Secrets to Better Cope with Stress. This four-week program includes modules and group coaching calls.

Q: As a busy professional, what if my schedule requires more flexibility and I prefer 1:1 coaching from you?

A: Not a problem! Ashley's 1:1 Coaching Program allows her to tailor a schedule to perfectly match your needs. The program is intended to make you feel more supported, not more stressed out! Click here to see more about Action Ashley's 1:1 Coaching Program. 

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