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Guide to Miami, Florida's Wynwood Walls

Within Miami’s Wynwood Arts District you can find the infamous graffiti art showcased at Wynwood Walls, the outdoor museum honoring street artists. There is a main gate entrance where you can find walls painted by different artists. It’s completely free of cost to enter the area where you can look around and take pictures. It’s mostly outside, but the further you walk through the main entrance you’ll find two different indoor rooms decorated with more artistry. The area surrounding the Wynwood Walls is full of artistic design to marvel over. Below I outline how to prepare for your adventure to the Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida.


If you’re not familiar with city driving, let this be your warning. It is the worst! Not only is rush hour the worst bumper-to-bumper driving you’ve ever experienced, but Miami traffic is a total pain. So when driving to the Wynwood Walls, if you're traveling in to Miami try to avoid driving during rush hour times. Street parking can be tough to find, but don't give up! When you find a spot you won't be able to pay by meter, instead, you pay through an app called PayByPhone. It might take you a couple extra steps to download opposed to putting in coins into a meter, but don’t be intimidated. It’s actually a lot easier than you think and quite simple.


The Wynwood Walls themselves are fantastic. The artists are incredible and super talented. However, those spots within the Wynwood Walls gates can get pretty crowded and hard to get a solo shot at times. I recommend venturing around the area and checking out all of the other incredible artistry around. The surrounding area isn't the fanciest part of town, but it's been undergoing a transformation as it becomes a more popular area. Attached are some photos I got while exploring inside the Wynwood Walls gate and around the area. Have fun on your next adventure here!

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