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Self-Care Group Coaching

To help you confidently take on life and no longer fear when the inevitability of stress arises.
You are running a business, making plans with friends, keeping your family afloat and still managing time for YOU. You've got your calendar out and you're trying to untangle the mystery of how to fit all of the above into your schedule.
So, 30 minutes later into your planning and you're exhausted trying to meet all of your deadlines and life's demands. You make sacrifices to keep up with your thriving career and now you're wondering: "When do I make time for me when I still have work deadlines? Family obligations? Friendships to maintain? and bills to pay?"
Phew - who else feels tired?
I see you. I hear you. I know you. Because I too have moments when stress hits and I have to amp up my self-care regimen.
What if I made self-care efficient for you...
The benefits?
  • Intentionally save time to tackle your day
  • Feel rejuvenated and have energy for yourself and for your business, family, and friendships
  • Have an action plan and no longer feel helpless when stress shows up
The best part?
I'm handing over my secret self-care formula I use to accomplish all of this to you... in the program.
So you can start ME time and THRIVE.
Upon signing up, get immediate access to the program workbook and coaching calendar. This structured plan provides a sturdy foundation from which to move forward feeling supported + likely to follow through. I know you're ready to start making a change and I want to set you up for success immediately after pressing the sign up button! Let's start learning the secrets to self-care!
As you utilize self-care to combat stress, you'll have access to a community of like-minded busy professionals. You are not in this alone. Interact with the members on your group call and feel supported by other busy professionals checking in on their self-care. There's nothing like encouragement from people going through the same experience as you.
After 4 transformative weeks, you will have created a self-care toolbox to pull out in a moments notice, reaped the benefits of intentional self-care to prevent burnout, and discovered the self-care formula to start seeing results immediately. You no longer feel helpless when stress shows up because you have the tools and a plan to Take Action!
It's time to take back your to-do list because it should be a point of calm and direction not stress and overwhelm.
Make the commitment to show up for yourself so that everything else can begin to fall into place.
Join other busy professionals in this group setting make the commitment to intentionally + effectively incorporate self-care in order to achieve greater success.


  • Create an Individualized Self-Care Plan

  • Identify stress triggers and the Dimensions that make up your Well-Being

  • Develop a Self-Care Toolbox to Help You Navigate Stress + Work / Life Balance

  • Understand which acts of Self-Care can be used to Target which areas of Well-Being

  • Learn How to Properly Evaluate Stress

  • Pinpoint Where You Are Lacking in Self-Care in your areas of Wellness + the Exact Steps to Start Fulfilling Your Needs

  • Learn Why Most People Forget Self-Care + What's Needed for Commitment

  • Learn the Self-Care Formula to tackle areas of stress

  • Craft Custom Self-Care Activities Tailored to Your Interests

  • Identify Key Areas of Self-Care + Learn How to Intentionally Target Self-Care to Decrease Stress

  • Learn Why Most People Forget Self-Care + What's Needed for Commitment

  • Learn How to Properly Check-In with Yourself to Assess Self-Care Needs

  • Receive Templates to Guide you in your Continuous Self-Care Practice


  • 4 x 1.5 Hour Group Coaching Calls
  • Workbook Modules
  • Access to Self-Care Club Community

  • Know Where Your Stress Stems From

  • Prevent Burn Out

  • Achieve More Personally + Professionally

  • Show Up With A More Grounded Sense Of Self

  • Feel More Energized + Revitalized

  • Develop Resiliency + Take Back Control Of Your Life

  • No Longer Fear When The Inevitability Of Stress Arises

  • Newfound Confidence

  • Show Up With A Full Cup + Still Have Overflow To Give


Three sessions to choose from:
Tuesday mornings, Tuesday evenings, or Thursday mornings
Ready to get started?

Thank You, I will be in touch soon!

"Through this program, Ashley taught me what self-care is and how practicing it would positively impact my quality of life. In just a few sessions and a variety of exercises, I was able to gain knowledge and practice new skills to help me balance stress coming from all different parts of my life. Thanks to Ashley, I know I have the tools to cope with any obstacle that may come my way."
- Jessie
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