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Business Consulting

So you're a therapist who wants to offer coaching? You've honed in on your niche population, you understand the pain points of your target audience, and you know that your theory and framework help improve the lives of those you work with.  As a fellow therapist I understand the desire to want to reach more people in need and increase your income.

If you're looking to build upon your business, include more services, and want more streams of revenue, coaching might be the right way to go.







Let's work together to take your goals to the next level.

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What you get:

Join me to start your morning every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 - 9:30 AM EST as I lead a guided meditation and help you to focus on gratitude as a daily practice, articulate how you’d like to show up as your future self, set your intention for the day, and commit to one act of self-care.


Think about the transformation that’s waiting for you on the other side of the call...

  • Community of support like no other. Grounded and driven professionals holding each other accountable, and, with accountability, you are more likely to follow through on goals personally and professionally.

  • Feel empowered as you take action and show up for yourself on the calls. Our habits create the world in which we live so make this morning routine a habit. Set your daily mindset with gratitude and commit to taking care of yourself so that you can confidently show up as the successful professional you know you are. 

  • Trade in those feelings of isolation and exhaustion for purpose and direction. You're in control of your day instead of your day controlling you. You get to decide how you want to show up that day and determine an individualized self-care act that will help you get there.

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