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Counseling for Anxiety & Life Transitions

It can feel scary when your heart is racing and your mind is thinking about all the 'what ifs' in the future. It's overwhelming when you've lost focus because of anxiety.

When life doesn't meet your expectations, there can be many moments of anxiety regarding the future and grieving the life you wanted, but maybe didn't or haven't had yet. Life can have challenging transitions that are difficult to cope with on our own.

Anxiety is common and with the use of proven treatments therapy can help you tackle symptoms of anxiety so you can reconnect with life again.

Telementalhealth services are available to clients anywhere in the state of Florida via confidential video counseling.



Q: What approach do you use to treat anxiety?


A: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Based Practices, Exposure & Response Prevention (for OCD), Grief work.

Q: What will therapy help me with?


A: Establishing coping skills to reduce & manage anxiety / Identifying triggers / Understanding the neurobiological and physiological process behind your anxiety / Identifying & addressing life stressors / Building habits to increase your window of tolerance

Q: What is a life transition?

A: A life transition is any change you can experience in life (i.e. going to college, starting a family, unemployment, beginning a new job, etc.).

Q: How do you treat life transitions?

A: Change breeds loss which triggers grief, so treatment will be working to meet the individual's needs through an integrative approach with a strong emphasis on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Grief framework, & Mindfulness-Based Practices. 

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